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“Here's bloody good news: The new CBC drama X Company is vastly entertaining.  A Second World War spy drama, on the evidence of the first two episodes it's brimming with action, tension delivered with appropriate dollops of poignancy and done with slick confidence…  If you're a fan of those British wartime dramas about derring-do, danger and the encountering of an occasional German with a good heart, you will adore X Company.”  — John Doyle, The Globe and Mail

“It’s another Canadian story with brilliant storytelling, something the CBC excels at… From the disturbing opening scene, which definitely sets the tone for the series, to the end of the first episode -- jubilant yet somehow still ominous -- "X Company" is another history lesson CBC is offering audiences, and it nails it once again.”  — Denette Wilford, Huffpost

“WWII spy drama X Company hits the mark… [It] walks the line between historical accuracy and brisk, modern-day storytelling.” — Bill Brioux, The Toronto Star

“Two weeks ago, I wrote that X Company had transformed itself into Canada's best dramatic series.  It wasn't a claim I made lightly… Canada, contrary to popular belief, is producing some fantastic TV dramas right now.  But at this moment, none of them is better than X Company. ” — A.R. Wilson, Digital Journal