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My storyboards for the X Company finale.

My first screen directing experience was shared with my brother Mark Morgenstern: this was our short film Curtains, shot in 16mm Cinemascope.   We co-produced, co-directed and co-edited it, mobilizing crew and cast from among friends and financing it so that we could shoot immediately, without waiting for grants. Curtains got an international festival run, as well as multiple awards and a Genie (Canadian Academy) nomination for Best Live Action Short Film.

Remembrance was next, which I directed solo, and co-wrote and co-starred in with Mark Ellis.  It was also shot in widescreen, toured the international festivals and racked up nominations and awards, including another Genie nomination. Cutting a trailer from the short, Mark and I used it to help win the Pitch This! Competition at TIFF.  The cash prize allowed us to develop Remembrance into longer dramatic form... which later became X Company.

After I took a ten-year detour into full-time screenwriting and showrunning, my directing plans came full circle when I directed the two-hour series finale of X Company in Budapest.  Surrounded by crew and cast I’d been working with for three years, I realized how much I’d had a chance to learn behind the scenes, with this show and Flashpoint.  On location, in the writing room, in production meetings, in editing, 103 episodes of TV drama… All of that experience came into focus when it was my turn in the director’s chair. 

So alongside the other TV-show-creating business, I’ve launched myself as a freelance episodic director. Last year I had the serious pleasure of directing on the sci-fi comedy/adventure Killjoys (Syfy/Space), followed by a summer in Winnipeg shooting a block of episodes on the legal drama Burden of Truth (CBC/CW).  Coming up this spring: an episode of the new medical drama Nurses (Global).


directing clips

director demo

Director Demo (6 min 15 sec). Sizzle reel plus selected short scenes from Burden of Truth, X Company, Killjoys, Fake Dates. For more material, please see Selected Scenes below, or click on Vimeo link at the bottom of the page.

CBC Featurette

Behind-the-scenes look at the making of the two-part series finale of X Company, featuring interviews with lead actors, as well as Morgenstern and Ellis.


selected scenes

Burden of truth - selected scenes

Scenes from legal / police drama "Burden of Truth" (CBC/CW). 5 min 54 sec.

x-company - selected scenes

Scenes from finale of WWII espionage drama "X Company" (CBC / Sony Television). 4 min 59 sec. Featuring Evelyne Brochu and Torben Liebrecht


Killjoys -selected scenes

Scenes from sci-fi comedy adventure "Killjoys" (Space Channel/Syfy), starring Hannah John-Kamen, Aaron Ashmore, Luke Macfarlane. 5 min 2 sec.

REMEMBRANCE (Full short film)

WWII espionage drama. A fragile man with perfect memory is approached one night by a stranger with a life-changing offer. 19 min 45 sec.

fake dates

Excerpt from a teaser for Fake Dates, a comedy created by Emily Hurson at the Canadian Film Centre with Kate Hewlett and David Reale. 2 min 31 sec.