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selected acting clips


the sweet hereafter

A father (Ian Holm) crosses paths by chance with his daughter’s best friend from childhood - and finds himself confiding some troubling truths.  (4 min 5 sec)



After her best friend Bibiane (Marie-Josée Croze) has a disturbing car accident, Claire does her best to distract her with upbeat academic musings.  (1 m 41 s)

at the hotel

Gerta, Head of Housekeeping, initiates her new recruit (Natalie Lisinska) into the workings of a luxury hotel.  (2m 3 s)

P.T. Barnum

Barnum (Beau Bridges) meets a free-spirited young British woman who steals his heart.  (4 m 28 sec)

La Vie, La vie

Jennifer tells Simon (Patrick Labbé) that the game-changing new job he wants is his.  (1 m 37 s)

Wind at my back

Travelling faith healer Lilian Day performs a miracle... or does she?  Her manager (Albert Schultz) may have taken liberties with the facts.  (3 m 17 s)

riding the bus with my sister

Social worker Olivia confronts Beth's sister (Andie McDowell) with the inconvenient truth: her mentally disabled sister (Rosie O'Donnell) is now part of her life again.  (2 m 18 s)

this is wonderland

Crown Attorney Lesley Clark cuts through the clutter of complicated cases with her laser-sharp logic.   (3 mins)


After watching Alfred Graves (Mark Ellis) perform his Master of Memory show, Aurora is eager to find out the truth about him.  (3 m 28 s)

Revoir Julie

In their first conversation in ten years, former best friends Juliette and Julie (Dominigue Leduc) try to reconnect despite the secret that's kept them apart.  (53 sec)


A novice tabloid photographer goes on her first stakeout in a parking garage with a reluctant mentor (Paul Babiak).  (1 m 8 s)

Café Olé  

Malcolm (Andre Tarbet) struggles to handle the tragedy of his neighbour Sharon, who's locked in an abusive marriage.  (4 m 1 s)


A woman traumatized by abuse in a psychiatric ward abducts an innocent child.  (3 m 38 s)