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“One of the greatest Canadian television series of all time.” — Amber Dowling, TV Guide Canada,

“Few Canadian series have managed to deliver the impact of Flashpoint - a bona fide hit that proved homegrown fare could be populist, acclaimed, and internationally successful all at the same time.” — Cassandra Szklarski, Canadian Press

“Cop shows are a dime a dozen these days, but Flashpoint managed to carve its own niche.” — Alex Stachan, Postmedia News

“...a heroic accomplishment for a Canadian series.” — Scott Stinson, National Post

Flashpoint isn’t just another cookie-cutter cop show. Production and performance wise, it’s up there with the best.  But Flashpoint is that rarest of all things, a character-driven cop show with heart.” — Rob Salem, Toronto Star

Flashpoint has been a great Canadian success story.” — Bill Brioux, The Canadian Press

Flashpoint has all the necessary ingredients for a hit TV show.” — Sheri Levine, The Province

“[Flashpoint]... considered one of the most successful of primetime’s current U.S./Canada co-productions.” — Michael Schneider, Variety

“...the most engaging Canadian TV show in several seasons.” — Scott Stinson, National Post

“Police Officers Amid Canadian Skylines Stand Out on U.S. Television.” — Brian Stetler, The New York Times

“After just a handful of episodes, Canadian TV’s most successful homegrown drama of the past 10 years has a crisp snap and confident sheen rarely seen in this country.” — Alex Stachan, CanWest News Service

Flashpoint has gone from strength to strength, thanks to some excellent writing and direction.” — John Doyle, The Globe and Mail

Flashpoint is a hit.” — Bill Harris, The Toronto Sun